Wall of Awesomeness

What campers, parents and camp instructors think of Pigeon.

*whispered conspiratorially* - "I know the secret to getting the most steps. You take the longest route."
Andrew, age 7
"I like how excited my son is about it! He thinks it's really cool and it motivates him to move more. This is an awesome way to motivate kids and get them to move more."
Jen, parent of camper
"My schedule was maxed and my stress level was very high. The time that Pigeon gave back to me completely saved me from burn-out."
Coach Jeff Eischen, Glencoe Youth Basketball
"I love the forward thinking and tech innovation that Pigeon adds to our sports program!"
Kristina, RN, parent of camper
"The [Pigeon] band is awesome!"
Parker, 2nd grade
"I like the peace of mind that Pigeon gives. Knowing the kids whereabouts is great. Pigeon is cool and the tech is fun."
Coach, TJ

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