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Rich 0.9-inch
OLED display

Striking a balance between a smart watch and a fitness tracker, our 0.9 inch OLED display is the perfect size, with maximum features.

Great in the water

The Pigeon Band meets IP67 water resistance requirements; take it anywhere you want to swim or splash.

Packed with features

On top of the Pigeon Network features, you also get a bunch of other cool features like a step tracker, heart rate monitor, SMS, and more.

Heart rate monitor

See how hard you’re working – anywhere, anytime. The Pigeon Band will measure your heart rate and display your BPM in seconds.

Insight you need

Pigeon is so much more than a fitness band. Expect everything you normally would see in a fitness tracker, and benefit from so much more.

A better fitness
tracker all around

The rounded screen makes for smooth edges in contact with your skin. The curves continue all around, resulting in a light, ultra-comfortable tracker that still looks awesome.

Family fitness app

The first fitness app designed for families! View your family’s profile on the same screen at the same time. Dive into individual fitness data or see everyone’s progress towards a group goal. Snap photos of team achievements to create a fitness album!

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