We know your time is valuable.
Spend it on kids, not paper.
Pigeon replaces manual rosters.

Conversation Starter

Most efficient, secure and awesome check-in and check-out process in the world.
Initiated by the camper’s fitness band, verified by staff, assuring parents.
Know who’s here now and where they checked-in.

Save Labels

Create name tags wirelessly, printing only what you need, when you need it.
Goal progress can be included on name tags, increasing day-to-day and weekly motivation!

Step Up To Fitness

Kids quickly check-in to see their ranking.
Reward your most active kids
and watch everyone’s activity level go up.

Engage Kids

With the Pigeon app, staff define goals for campers to work towards.
Once kids have a goal, daily progress provides encouragement.
Some customers provide stickers or swag for smaller goals along the way!

Motivating and Engaging

Set goals. Count steps. Earn swag.
Give out branded water bottles, let kids earn stickers with steps,
and watch activity levels and staff engagement take off!

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