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Level-Up the Camp Experience

What is Pigeon?

Pigeon uses mobile apps to speed up the check-in and check-out process. Pigeon also motivates kids to get even more out of their camp experience by adding game elements to everything from attendance to attitude.

What do campers and their parents think of Pigeon?

Hundreds of campers and their parents were surveyed. After 1 week with Pigeon at their camp, here’s what they had to say:
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Would choose a camp with Pigeon over a similar one without.
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Were more motivated to sign up for another session because of the gamification
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Talked socially about the camp because of Pigeon

Fast & Secure Check-In and Check-Out

Pigeon provides the right information at the right time to speed up the check-in and check-out
process by more than 80% in some cases – while also making the process actually feel good
for kids, parents and staff!

Adding Game Elements

Parents have been motivating kids to work harder and get things done by turning work into a game for millennia.

Pigeon brings that concept to camps. With Pigeon, camps can “gamify” everything from attendance to attitude and everything in between.

Big achievements also tend to get shared by parents on social media which is likely to get even more kids off couches and into you next camp.

What’s going on at camp?

Pigeon delivers important information directly to parents through the myPigeon mobile app.

Whether it’s a big achievement or just knowing when they were checked-in or checked-out, keeping both parents informed makes everyone happy.


Camper dad, Little Dribblers Basketball camp

Next-level check-in and check-out experience.

Camper mom

Thank you for providing this service for my kiddo! My favorite thing is the notification on my phone of my daughter checking out from camp. So safe and secure. Plus, she loves counting her steps, pushing her to be more active:)

US Sports Camp Nike tennis camper

Pigeon can help track my progress throughout my camp experience so I can see my growth

Jen, Parent of Camper

I like how excited my son is about it! He thinks it's really cool and it motivates him to move more. This is an awesome way to motivate kids and get them to move more.

Amanda, Camper

I would choose a camp with Pigeon over one without because I really like having the data that shows hard hard I've worked. Now I can show my parents!

Kristina, Parent of Camper

I really like the check-in/out process and the step tracking because of the motivation it gives my kid. My kid tells me that the band is 'awesome'!

US Sports Camp Nike tennis camper

It is always useful to involve extra tech especially when it motivates us campers to work harder and achieve goals

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