Meet Pigeon

We’re putting tech to work for parents and guardians, creating tools to
protect kids, enrich lives, and make awesome.

Safety & Security

Pigeon’s seamless check-in, check-out process with visual verification provide families and camp staff peace of mind.

Fitness & Motivation

Kids and families get moving with Pigeon’s built-in system of challenges and rewards. Everyone sees progress towards group and individual goals.

Awesome & Beyond

With gamification, Pigeon makes awesome by creatively encouraging kids and families to get fit and get motivated.

Some see a simple fitness band.
We see a digital Swiss Army knife.

More Than A Step Counter

Yes, it counts steps (and we think that’s cool), but we’re excited about all the other things it does for you.

Pair that up with a smart device and
now you have a platform for awesomeness.

More Than A Connection

Smart devices are great at making connections. We use these devices in tandem with fitness bands to make those connections have meaning.

We’ve combined the fitness band
through the smart device
to change the world.

More Than A Device

Pigeon provides the technology to create meaningful experiences and motivate kids and families towards fitness goals.

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Pigeon is always making new tools to motivate families to get fit and build memories.