Frequently Asked Questions

How can Pigeon save labels?

Many camps print labels ahead of time for all kids that have been registered. There are times when not all kids make it to camp for that day. This creates waste. With Pigeon you print the child’s name tag as they check-in using our wireless no-electrical-outlet-needed label printer. You only print what you need, when you need it, saving labels.

Do I need an internet connection?

Yes. Pigeon syncs data to the cloud. This allows all your staff members to be on the same page every second. With Pigeon, you always know who’s here now.

What devices are supported?

The Apple iPad mini 2 or later. We are working on an iPhone and Android version.

Do you store any personal information on the Pigeon Band?

The Pigeon Band has a unique identifier and it counts steps. At camp, your kid is given a Pigeon Band and we assign that band to your kid in the Cloud. So, nothing personal is stored on the device.

What happens with my data?

We’re parents of small kids and we use this system. Our data is on the servers too, so we really understand the concern. Your data is only shared with your camp, during the camp. After the camp, everything is deleted.

How can Pigeon motivate kids?

Information. Everyone wants to know how they’re doing and where they’re headed. Pigeon is a tool that allows camps to set a goal and show kids progress towards that goal.

A great article published on the Smithsonian’s STEMvisions Blog tells us that gamification could offer some serious benefits like cognitive development, physical development, engagement, and accessibility. Read more at 5 Benefits of Gamification at Smithsonian Science Education Center.

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