Pigeon is ...

Pigeon is a tool for parents and guardians of kids.
It uses Bluetooth fitness bands and a mobile app to track steps and to enable fast and secure check-in and check-out.
Keeping kids safe and reducing anxiety while driving motivation through gamification.

Our Mission

The mission of the Pigeon Networks company is to protect kids, enrich lives and make awesome. Using the Internet of Things and Cloud computing, we are developing tools and systems to provide reliable insight and information to guardians.


Pigeon’s passionate leaders inspire others to look beyond what they must do to what they could do. We believe servant-leaders enable others to achieve awesomeness while modeling how our employees must serve our customers.



Our Business

The Pigeon Network Company is developing a patent-pending tool that improves experiences for kids, their guardians and the businesses serving them. Using the Cloud and the Internet of Things, we deliver information that enriches lives.

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Pigeon is always making new tools to motivate families to get fit and build memories.