Pigeon Networks: Protect Kids – Enrich Lives – Make Awesome

What is Pigeon?

Pigeon uses wearable technology, mobile apps, and a secure cloud-based network to help improve lives for families.

Built by a dad who got separated from his kid at a large play-place, Pigeon was developed to solve the “where’s my kid” problem without using a GPS watch.

Our Mission

The mission of the Pigeon Networks company is to protect kids, enrich lives and make awesome.

Using the Internet of Things and Cloud computing, we are developing tools and systems to provide reliable insight and information to guardians.



The myPigeon App delivers the information you need, when you need it - to improve the camp experience for you and your campers

Pigeon Camp

The Pigeon Camp App creates the fastest and most secure check-in and check-out process anywhere while making camp more fun too!

Camp Portal

The Camp Portal is a simple way to manage your camps, badges, prizes and all the things you need to keep Pigeon running smoothly.


Jon Marson

Founder / CEO

Arun Janardhanan

Head of Software Development


Mark Owen

Founder of Puralytics, Phoseon Technology, OSU Eng. Hall of Fame - 2015

Jelani Memory

Founder / CEO of A Kids Book About, Co-Founder Circle Media Inc.

Chris Teitzel

Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Lockr.io, Cellar Door, DHS Data Privacy Advisor

Brandon Sneed

Principal Software Architect at eBay, Sr Software Engineer, Apple

Matt Greene

VP Sales / marketing IOTAS, VP at Fetch Package, Dir. of Key Accounts at Latch


Camper dad, Little Dribblers Basketball camp

Next-level check-in and check-out experience.

Camper mom

Thank you for providing this service for my kiddo! My favorite thing is the notification on my phone of my daughter checking out from camp. So safe and secure. Plus, she loves counting her steps, pushing her to be more active:)

US Sports Camp Nike tennis camper

Pigeon can help track my progress throughout my camp experience so I can see my growth

Jen, Parent of Camper

I like how excited my son is about it! He thinks it's really cool and it motivates him to move more. This is an awesome way to motivate kids and get them to move more.

Amanda, Camper

I would choose a camp with Pigeon over one without because I really like having the data that shows hard hard I've worked. Now I can show my parents!

Kristina, Parent of Camper

I really like the check-in/out process and the step tracking because of the motivation it gives my kid. My kid tells me that the band is 'awesome'!

US Sports Camp Nike tennis camper

It is always useful to involve extra tech especially when it motivates us campers to work harder and achieve goals